Visual artist, illustrator and Designer

Alo, I’m Luciano Paris,
–  based in Punta del Este, Uruguay.”

Specializing in Visual identity, Illustration, creative art for advertising, Brand Digital Development and Audiovisual for startups. Working independently, his clients have ranged from advertising agencies, to nonprofits, and independent startups.


superior skills with Photoshop/Illustrator.
strong foundation in web design CSS, HTML.
strong foundation in print design, branding, analog/digital printing.
vector and print graphics, InDesign.
strong skills with motion graphics and animations in After Effects.
familiar with 3D animations, geometric modeling, digital sculptin.
photography and video editing.
foundation in digital art and photo manipulations.
strong background in mass media communication, democracy, law and ethics and Communicology.
familiar with music production process


great collaboration, big ideas and great relationship
great cup of coffee and a chocolat croissant
traveling, exploring new places and return with inspiring stories
reading blogs, books and visiting art
learning new things and always be in motion
listening to electronic music, rock ´n´ relax, jazz, blues, soul…
cooking simple yet delicious and drink beer